5 Moments of 2022

A round-up of moments we’ve shared in the year...

Before we wrap up the year, we sat down and reflected on the memories that we have created and enjoyed with you. It has been such a blast and we appreciate your love and support towards Génue.


Tulip Bags were so well-loved by all and that’s when we decided to welcome the year with a new colourway – Ruby. A colour that calls for attention and speaks confidence, the vibrant pop of hue your wardrobe needs. Perfect for your casual brunches to semi-formal dinner dates, Tulip Bag in Ruby keeps you companied.

We are beyond grateful that Tulip in Ruby are now sold out. 
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A token of appreciation to show our gratitude for the support you’ve been showing us, Génue wouldn’t be where we are without your love. Gifting a well-deserved treat is the best way to say “thank you”. 

To celebrate our launch – Postcards from Summer, we’ve worked with artist Ena, where she illustrated the designs that were inspired by sensorial escapism, reminding you of the summers you’ve loved. These postcards were sent all over the world, to your friends and family near and far.

Génue introduced perfect pairings this year, where we further emphasised our brand’s DNA – making feminine dressing an ease to women. We’re always thinking about comfort and ease, and how our pieces can bring convenience to your daily adventures. Dressing up shouldn’t be a chore, thus the sets this year were designed with the intention of creating an effortless experience for the wearer to put together outfits while remaining classic, modern and comfortable at the same time.

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As we search for the best Christmas gift this year, we wanted it to be thoughtfully unexpected. And that’s where we incorporated the elements of excitement and anticipation in a Christmas Scratch Card. Customers each received a card for the month of December, where a surprise awaits them.


It has been such a blast and we appreciate your love and support towards Génue. Thank you for following us along this journey and we can’t wait to share our plans for the new year. Till then, ciao~~