In collaboration with Li Na Lay Nar

Our design process initially started from a boat-like shape which slowly evolved and refined into this upturned bell shape with curve opening lips after multiple sketches and crochet iterations with Li Na Lay Nar.


We love how we allowed our ideas to flow and reach a conclusion organically. During one of the late night meetings we had at Lina’s home, we discussed how we could make the bag as versatile as their other bags, but also unique in its own way. Lo and behold, together we brought about more than 4 ways of wearing the bag. (We had to stop ourselves from exploring too much as it might get too complicated for anyone)

As we settled on the final shape, we kept feeling that it resembled something. A Fortune Cookie? Maybe Pac Man? Close, but with the curved opening, it looks rather.. like a tulip! (Perhaps the recent flower exploration from our previous launch gave us this idea.) We dug deeper to find out what tulip symbolises, and learned that it actually represents love and suddenly it all came together — from how the collaboration started with Génue and Li Na Lay Nar’s friendship, to the heart of Li Na Lay Nar, which lies a mother’s love.

Lina of Li Na Lay Nar

Lina is a full time home maker and a proud mother of 3. She discovered her interested in crochet and has been creating bags for her daughters, relatives and friends. Until recently, with some encouragement and the help of her daughter, the mother and daughter duo launched the namesake brand together in 2021, Li Na Lay Nar. Instagram: @linalaynar