Loving Your Linen

Luxe, lightweight, and so effortless  linen is the go-to fabric we want to wear in warm weather



Explore the world of linen, where its natural weave gives it a unique texture that adds to its charm, creating an organic edge to a look. Linen is soft to the touch and becomes even softer over time, making it a comfortable and durable choice.

By taking good care of your linen pieces, you can extend their lifespan. Here are some tips on how to care for your linens to keep them looking great for longer.


Wash your linen in cold water and mild detergent, to help preserve its colour and to promote its natural softness. 

 Though linen fabrics are durable, repeated use of harsh detergents can gradually weaken them over time. Furthermore, these harsh detergents may contain bleaching agents or chemicals that could fade or discolour the natural colour of linen. Linen is valued for its softness, and mild detergents help preserve this quality. They are less likely to strip away the natural oils present in linen fibres that contribute to its softness.


As it’s a naturally wrinkly fabric, overcrowding could cause wrinkles and hinder proper cleaning. Give your linen clothing space to move.

 Detergent and water may not circulate evenly or rinse out effectively from between tightly packed linen items. This can leave soap residues, which can stiffen the fabric and contribute to creasing. In addition, the excess rubbing against clothing can cause friction and abrasion. This can lead to premature wear and tear, weakening the fabric over time.

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Make sure to always hang up your linen flat, air dry and avoid direct sunlight, as it can fade the fabric. 

Air drying linen is essential as it allow wrinkles caused by washing to fall out and maintains the garment's shape, plus it is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way! Similar to the way direct sunlight that contains UV rays impacts our skin, it can also break down the natural dyes and pigments in linen fabrics, causing colours to fade.  

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Stay away from direct sun, moist and tight compression!

Noticed why the yellowing of your linen? That's because it develops a yellowish tint when exposed to direct sunlight for too long! Make sure your linen is clean before you store it away in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Avoid tight compressions that may cause permanent wrinkles. Instead, hanging your linen on padded hangers helps maintain their natural drape and texture. Use breathable fabric storage bags or even pillowcases to store them away in. 


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We think some creases on linen gives it character and charm, but always straighten out for a crisp and clean look by ironing them while they are still slightly damp. Make sure your iron is at medium to high setting and press on the reverse side to avoid shine.


With all these tips at your fingertips, remember that preservation is just a part and parcel of taking good care of your valued pieces; fashion is more about enjoyment. So, slip into your favourite linen pieces, embrace the comfort and style, and worry less about the little details as we will do the nitty-gritty for you by ensuring our designs are well crafted. After all, fashion is a reflection of your unique taste and personality, and your well-loved linens are here to make every moment effortlessly chic. Here's to celebrating both the journey and the destination, one stylish linen garment at a time. 


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