Gather Stores

For the past 3.5 years, some of you may have known about us through our sister brand, Gather Stores. The store has been such a loving home, where we formed new connections, met other like-minded local brands and shared our love for fashion, lifestyle and accessories.

With the intention of creating a space where local brands could come together and grow, Gather Stores has gathered a total of 40 labels to date. The message started strong and has remained that way – to garden a family of local brands for people to enjoy and appreciate. 

As we worked with other brands in this journey, they inspired and humbled us with their own stories. Instead of seeing each other as competitors, it is beautiful to be able to build friendships with other local designers and creators, where we shared our difficulties and support one another during the tough times. 

In this space, we have also met many individuals from all walks of life which cannot be fully replicated within the online space. From time to time, customers would drop by the store for a friendly chit-chat and these simple encounters are ones that we are grateful for. 

For the independent brands that have joined us in these years, thank you for being part of us, and for sharing your products to build this community. Customers that soon became friends of Gather Stores will be cherished dearly and we will forever be grateful for this beautiful friendship that has formed.

With heavy hearts, Gather Stores will be shutting its door at the end of March this year and put on hiatus. However, when the right time comes, we hope to reopen this chapter again, to continue gardening the local brands that we hope to support, and to meet you guys who have always shown your love towards local labels once again.

In the meantime, we will continue to build Génue and hope you will continue to support us!